What To Wear Bowling – Bowling Dress Code

Question: My friends have invited me to the bowling alley, and I’m confused that what I should wear so I don’t feel embarrassed and, most importantly, feel comfortable during my stay in the bowling alley.

Bowling is a casual game, and the rule of thumb for anybody going bowling is to feel comfortable, wear comfortable. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for what to wear on a bowling date or you going there to hangout with friends.

And do not forget that bowling is an athletic activity; this is not the time to make a fashion statement.

Although bowling centers do not generally enforce dress codes, we do have few suggestions for you. Let’s dive deep into what to wear and what not to wear in a bowling alley.

Bowling dress code

Bowling is a fun game with friends, but it can also unite even strangers. During the game, excitement appears, and in order not to spoil all the fun, it is important to choose the right clothes.

Dress comfortably

Bowling requires a lot of bending over, so try not to wear anything too short, too revealing, or too tight. Avoid clothing that is too tight.

It restricts movement but do not wear items that are so baggy they get in the way. Choose clothing that allows you to bend at the knees and make a long, fluid swing.

Jeans, trousers, T-shirts, leggings, which do not restrict movement, are your best option for a day in the lanes. Keep in mind that tight-fitting jeans or slacks can be very uncomfortable for you. Therefore, choose the one that makes you comfortable.

Prepare for temperature changes

What to wear bowling in the summer? Well, if it’s summer, be sure to bring a jacket because most bowling alleys are air-conditioned and can get chilly. The reverse is true for the winter; wear layers so you can take off your outer layer if you get too warm.

Wear bowling shoes

Wear bowling shoes not to ruin the lanes; you will not be allowed on the tracks without them. You can also rent bowling shoes from the bowling alley, but we recommend you make a one-time investment to save rental fees again and again.

We will cover all the pertinent aspects later in this article that you need to consider before purchasing yourself a pair of bowling shoes.

Bring a pair of socks.

You don’t need to wear socks to the center, but do bring a pair of thick athletic socks with you if you’re renting bowling shoes that have been used by bowlers before you.

Even though the shoes are disinfected with antibacterial spray, wearing socks helps protect your feet from harmful bacteria or fungi.

Leave your rings at home.

Wearing rings on the fingers that you put in the ball may cause your fingers to fit in the holes poorly. It may even hurt your fingers when you bowl. For girls, we recommend removing massive earrings and other jewelry.

Wear a smile

Bowling is a fun game. Wear a smile on your face. It makes you comfortable, confident, friendly and brings joy to the people around you. No matter if you are going bowling for the first time, enjoy and be yourself.

Best bowling shirts to wear

Unlike other shirts, bowling shirts have a different square cut. They have button-down front and cut sleeves, flat collar stand, and shirts with pockets. The neck is open and does not button up to the throat. Bowling shirts are mostly made of polyester and cotton blended.

Retro style bowling shirts

When it comes to bowling shirts, retro-style button-down shirts are most popular among bowlers. They can be worn casually and come in a variety of styles and colors.

Easy fit and comfortable wear to make all shapes and sizes happy. Plus, it’s a great way to switch things up from wearing one at the lane, in the backyard, or out on the town.

Mostly, the retro-style bowling shirts have a logo and name of the bowling league team on the shirt. But you can also buy customized bowling shirts to get your bowling team name and your own name embroidered on these shirts.

Polo bowling shirts

Another popular style of bowling shirts is polo bowling shirts. Many bowlers prefer to wear them as they make you look striking, which lets you bowl or move with absolute comfort.

How to choose bowling shirts (Buying Tips)

Avoid bowling shirts that are tight around your arms, as they can prevent your swinging force while throwing the ball. Bowling shirts should not be too tight and constraining the movement, and not too loose. There is a risk of getting confused in your attire.

Bowling shirts are made from a blend of polyester and cotton because these materials allow the body to breathe. Although it is very rare to see, it can irritate people with sensitive skin.

In that case, wear an undershirt along with a bowling shirt if it is not becoming sweaty and uncomfortable for you.

What pants to wear with a bowling shirt

When it comes to pants, there are different combinations. With a Polo bowling shirt, you can wear jeans, slacks, or khakis. If you are wearing retro-style bowling shirts, again, jeans and khakis will look great.

The important thing is to pay attention to the aesthetics of the outfit and how appropriate and comfortable the chosen pants will be for you.

For women going bowling, you can select the right pants from the bowling attires for ladies.

Can you wear jeans to bowling

You can wear jeans to bowling. But make sure It is not too tight. Because during the game, it can crack at the seams. That may result in embarrassment, and further play will be ruined. At the same time, too loose pants can get in the way while throwing the ball. It may cause some severe injuries too. So, your main goal should be comfort and ease of motion.

Can you wear shorts to bowling?

There is nothing wrong with wearing shorts to bowling. Shorts with a knitted top can be a very comfortable outfit. But the length should be optimal so that you can bend over and throw the ball without any hesitation and exposing yourself.

You also don’t want them to be so tight, too tight on the hips and legs. Otherwise, it will affect your movement or ability to bowl.

For comfort, performance, durable stretch fabric, and availability of different colors and sizes at the same place, we will recommend these shorts for men.

Do you have to wear bowling shoes?

You have to wear bowling shoes at the bowling alley. This is important because it enables you to achieve a smoother motion.

Imagine bowlers bowling with their street shoes; it will damage the bowling lanes or approaches and create a mess. Besides, you never know what is on the bottom of anyone’s street shoes.

Also, if your outdoor shoes don’t glide well enough, you can easily stumble, fall, and get hurt.

Moreover, if you pay close attention, you will find out that his last step is a type of slide when a bowler releases a ball. And bowling shoes allow this type of slide with better grip and control.

Bowling shoes for men

There are three types of bowling shoes – rental bowling shoes, athletic-style bowling shoes, and performance bowling shoes.

Rental bowling shoes

You only go bowling once or twice a year; then rental bowling shoes are the right choice for you. It’s common for a pair of rental shoes to cost $4 at a bowling alley.

However, if you bowl often, you might want to consider buying your personal bowling shoes. It will not only save your rent, but it will also improve your bowling performance.

Athletic style bowling shoes

Have you decided to buy your personal bowling shoe? Well, Athletic bowling shoes are best to fit the needs of beginners to intermediate bowlers.

Athletic bowling shoes have a slide sole on both sides and can be used by both left and right-hand bowlers. They offer comfort and fit like a good sneaker.

Finding the best bowling shoes for a beginner is a tricky task as different companies are promising different types of bowling shoes. But we’ve done our research, and we will recommend these bowling shoes for beginners.

Performance bowling shoes

If you participate in tournaments or play in several different leagues on different tracks, you probably want to check out performance bowling shoes. These shoes promote a smooth approach and a balanced finish while generating power. They have a different sole on each shoe.

One shoe which is used for sliding has smooth leather. And the other shoe, which is also named the power step shoe, is made of a rubberized surface for traction.

The advantage of a braking outsole is that it provides more traction to stabilize your body as you take a run. These shoes often come with interchangeable soles, so you can tailor the glide to suit your playing style and specific run zone conditions.

Bowling shoes for women

Choices for bowling shoes for women are the same as for men. You can rent them from the bowling alley. But mostly rental bowling shoes are loose and not comfortable because women have narrow feet.

To have a great time with great comfort, you need a perfect duo on your feet that is not loose and stylish to wear. Therefore, it’s always better for women to purchase athletic bowling shoes as beginner bowlers. If you want to be a regular bowler, then you can even choose performance bowling shoes.

Frequently asked questions:

Do you need socks for bowling

You should bring bowling socks with you if you are bowling with rental shoes. Do you know how many people use those shoes before you? A pair of socks will protect your feet from various fungi and bacteria leftover from previous players.

Many bowling alleys have vending machines or a section in the pro shop filled with bowling supplies you may have forgotten, including socks, gloves, powder, and towels. Vending machine socks cost just a few dollars.

However, if you have your personal bowling shoes, then you can go bowling without a pair of socks. Many bowlers feel comfortable bowling sockless. But make sure your bowling shoes are comfortably fit, and you can wear them with ease.

What socks do you wear for bowling?

New bowlers are often confused about what socks to wear for bowling? Well, Thick, absorbent socks are best for bowling. They are comfortable and make it suitable for your feet.

Can you bring your own bowling shoes?

Bowling alleys encourage bowlers to bring their own bowling shoes. Bowling shoes provide comfort and convenience for your feet, and they also prevent any damage to bowling tracks.

But if you don’t have your personal bowling shoes, that does not mean that you can not go bowling. Instead, you can rent bowling shoes, but in that case, we recommend that you should bring a pair of socks with you due to sanitary reasons.

Are converse bowling shoes?

Can you wear converse bowling, and what things should you know if you are going bowling wearing converse? Converse has a wide range of shoes on the market, but they are not dedicatedly bowling shoes.

You can certainly wear them for bowling as they are comfortable and have clean, dry, and non-marking soles.

Although some bowling alleys are very strict in their rules, you can not wear any shoes on bowling tracks except the bowling shoes.

In that case, You can ask the bowling manager if you are allowed to wear converse because it is never a pleasant experience being stopped during the game and asked to leave.

Can you wear bowling shoes outside

You can not wear bowling shoes outside of the bowling alley. Bowling shoes are considered only to wear at bowling tracks to track anything from the outside on the approach.

Moreover, The bowling shoes sole can be damaged by moisture and dirt on the street, and it can make you stuck when you’re bowling. That could lead to severe injuries while releasing the ball. Besides, the soiling of the soles can damage the approach.

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